Throw the Pitch

I always tell my wife, “Baseball is the game of life lessons,”  and continue to tell her something that happened that day or a way in which baseball correlated with a learning point.  Usually this encounter will produce a roll of the eyes, or one of those looks that someone gives you when they are looking at you but they don’t want to listen.  Anyways, I started this blog to get a possibly broader audience than just my wife and strengthen my viewpoints on a couple of things.  I play minor league baseball and life is a little bit different because of that.  So, here is a tidbit on mental attitude and getting things done.

“If you throw the pitch with confidence and conviction, then the chances of you succeeding have grown tremendously.”

I hear that quote at least ten times a week from my pitching coach.  However, every time I hear it, it still bears a strong weight with it.  If I were to translate it into a life lesson instead of a baseball lesson it would look more like this.  “If you chase your goals with confidence in who you are and the capabilities you’ve been given, and you believe in your ability to achieve your goals, then the chances of you succeeding have grow tremendously.”

When a decision is made or a goal is set, there is no need for that goal or decision to be set if the person making it has no conviction or confidence that it will be achieved.  It will never be accomplished.  Goal-setting implies an inborn desire to achieve.  It needs success.  Without its ending (favorable or unfavorable) it is just an intention, a want, a hope.  To get something done and done well there needs to be confidence in the doing and conviction in the completing of the task.

When you find yourself standing on the mound and life has given you an opposition, a batter, don’t just lob a ball up there hoping that it ends up in the strike zone or that the batter gets himself out (which will happen on occasion).  Go in there with confidence, knowing you have what it takes to get the job done.  You know what you want to do and you can use your strengths to your advantage.  Get the ball and have a plan of execution for how your going to face this problem right here, right now.

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